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Window Accessories

Discover the world of modern window accessories that will transform the look and functionality of your home. Our range includes exterior roller shutters, facade blinds, roller shades, venetian blinds, windowsills, and insect screens. Each product is distinguished by the highest quality, modern design, and durability. Customize your windows to meet your individual needs, ensuring comfort and protection from the sun, insects, and noise. Explore our offerings and choose the perfect accessories for you!


Up to 3 convenient 0% installments

Additional discount for prepayment

Up to 10 years warranty


Roller shutters

An external roller shutter will provide additional protection for your home against burglary. Our offer includes both surface-mounted roller blinds as well as concealed roller blinds hidden in the facade.

Facade blinds

It is a modern solution used to control the flow of light and temperature to the building. Horizontal slats made of aluminum come in various shapes and widths.

Blinds and shutters

Fabric roller blinds are one of the forms of covering windows against sunlight. Moreover, roller blinds provide additional protection against overheating the room.

Window sills

The finishing of the rooms cannot be done without a window sill, which perfectly complements the window arrangement. Our offer includes external and internal window sills.

Mosquito nets

Problems with insects are very common. Mosquito nets will be useful to protect your house. We offer rolled, framed, pleated and door versions.


Explore all our solutions.

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